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Recently, the problem of food shortage around the world has become more and more worrying, to which agricultural machinery that can achieve stable food production has become more and more important. There are many kinds of agricultural machinery suitable for the use environment and crop types in various countries and regions.

Among a large number of agricultural machinery, the representative is the tractor. A tractor is a traction machine that installs a variety of working machinery on the power department before and after the body to achieve cultivation, seeding, fertilization and spraying. Bearings are used in the gearbox, hub, engine and other parts of the tractor, and most of them are used under mud and heavy load conditions. In addition, agricultural machinery used on vast cultivated land in Europe and the United States has gradually developed in the direction of large-scale, and the use conditions of bearings have become more demanding. Under such conditions of use, customers have put forward the requirements of high reliability and cost-effective bearings.

In order to support the leap of the world's agricultural productivity, we use heat treatment technology resistant to mud and water environment, heavy load resistant material technology and unique optimization design technology, and work day and night to carry out technological innovation to meet customer requirements.

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